Irae Studs and Earrings Combo 

Perfect earrings to make you look fashionably, elegant & chic

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A piece of jewellery adds so much to your outfit, it completes your look and makes it look more put together like a person has given a lot of thought and time to curate it. Therefore, we at Youbae make sure you look stunning with our trendy collection.

Our suggestions for Care & Handle:-
-Wear it last, and take it off first.
-Put Your Jewelry on After You Put Your Clothes on and Before Your Take Your Clothes Off. An accidental pull on the chain can break your favourite necklace.
-Fashion jewelry tarnishes when exposed to moisture, oils, salts and acids. Keep your jewellery tarnish free by keeping it dry.
-Don't Wash Dishes or do Laundry With Your Jewelry on.
-Don't Wear Jewelry In Pool or at the Spa.
-Don't Put on Lotion or Perfume with your Jewelry on.
-Dry your hands before handling, or putting on, any piece of fashion jewelry from your collection.
-Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or exercising.
-Thoroughly wipe each piece of jewelry with a soft, clean cloth as soon as you remove it.
-The goal is to remove any oil, salt or acid contaminants and to dry the piece.
-Store your fashion jewellery in a soft dry place to avoid damage due to moisture in the air.
-Store your jewelry in a jewelry box or other secure container.
-We recommend using a ziplock or sandwich bag with the air squeezed out to prevent oxidisation.


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