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Berry Brave
Boss Lady
Girl power
I am beautiful
I am Bold
I am Confident
I am Cute
I am Dramatic
I am Fearless
I am fierce
I am powerful
I am Relentless
I am Romantic
I am strong
I am unstoppable
I am Wise
I have got this
I love myself
I wont give up
Let's Get it
Lets do it
No Boundaries
No filter
Smile please
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MARS Won't Smudge Won't Budge Matte Lip Crayon is a uniquely formulated Crayon. It comes in a range of 16 gorgeous shades for all the incredible personalities you have.

It is :
Firstly, it is Highly Pigmented.
Secondly, it is Long Lasting.
Thirdly, it does not Transfer.
Lastly, it is Ultra Matte.

Give yourself an affirmation and a beautiful lip colour with these 16 gorgeous shades:

01 I Am Strong (Red)- A shade that can make you feel stronger than ever.

02 I Love Myself (Raspberry Red)- Above all, a classic shade that can define you and your look.

03 No Filter (Cherry Red)- Who said you need a filter? Therefore, Be bold, loud and playful with this gorgeous shade.

04 I Am Beautiful (Baby Pink)- A shade that make the heads turn and bring out the beauty.

05 I Have Got This (Crimson Red)- A Red to make you believe in yourself.

06 I Won’t Give Up (Pink Coral)- A bright shade to pick you up on those gloomy days.

07 Let’s Do It (Fuchsia Pink)- A beautiful shade to cheer you up and complete your dreams.

08 I Am Powerful ( Magenta Pink)- A shade you would want to wear to bring out the BOSS personality.

09 Smile Please (Pink Toned Nude)- Above all, a stunning shade to make your happy and blissful days happier.

10 Girl Power (Chocolate Brown)- Who runs the world? Its GIRLS!!

11 I Am Unstoppable (Blush Pink)- A striking shade for that determined personality.

12 I Am Fierce (Peach Nude)- The soul is fierce along with that pout.

13 Berry Brave (Brown Nude)- Subsequently, the perfect shade to make you feel brave.

14 I am Relentless (Plum Wine)- A shade to bring out your relentlessness and get ride of those midnight blues.

15 I am Bold (Pink Nude)- A beautiful shade to make all of you feel the boldest you have ever been.

16 I am Fearless (Light Mauve)- Similarly, a soothing shade to keep you away from any fears.

17 I am Wise (Pinkish Red)- Who said pretty can’t be wise?!

18 I am Confident (Cranberry Pink)- Adding a touch of boost, confidence and cranberry!

19 Let’s Get It (True Brown)- A shade that adds determination to get whatever you want to!

20 No Boundaries (Mud Brown)- Being bold does not come with boundaries!

21 Boss Lady (Orangish Brown)- Sometimes, you gotta be a boss and a beauty!

22 I am Romantic (Pink Nude)- A touch of Romance in life is very important!

23 I am Cute (Cool Toned Mauve)- Be a spicy and cute "Girl Next Door".

24 I am Dramatic (Warm Berry)- Who doesn’t love being the centre of the Drama

Ingredients -
This Matte Lip Crayon contains Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Polypropylsilsesquioxane, Cyclopetasiloxane, Cera Alba, Octyldodecanol, Ozokerite Wax, Fischer Tropsch Wax, Paraffin, Cera Microcristallina, BHT, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenooxyethanol, (+/-): Mica, C177891, C177491, C177492, C177499, CI 19140, C116035, CI15985, C145410.

Other Details -
Net Wt. - 3.5g
Country of origin - P.R.C
Use before - 09/24

Additional information


Berry Brave, Boss Lady, Girl power, I am beautiful, I am Bold, I am Confident, I am Cute, I am Dramatic, I am Fearless, I am fierce, I am powerful, I am Relentless, I am Romantic, I am strong, I am unstoppable, I am Wise, I have got this, I love myself, I wont give up, Let's Get it, Lets do it, No Boundaries, No filter, Smile please


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